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欢迎 to our learning community

In 1946, amid post-war shortages, citywide labor tensions, and a polio scare, founding headmaster Alan Lake Chidsey and a group of deeply committed, inspired families launched St. 约翰的 School. It remains Houston’s heart of educational excellence—a school community grounded in care, 完整性, 服务, and intellectual vibrancy.

Generations of teachers, 学生, 父母, grand父母, 校友, and friends of the School have sustained Mr. Chidsey’s vision. We are all indebted to their decades-long commitment and philanthropy; we have St. 约翰的 beautiful campus and transformative relationships because they committed so much time, 宝, and wisdom.

Our task today is to further Mr. Chidsey’s vision and this legacy, redouble St. 约翰的 whole-child excellence, and adapt it to a frighteningly, wonderfully dynamic 21st century. Our task today is to represent and serve the great city of Houston and the greatest state, Texas. Our task today remains the same as it was in 1946: to know, love, and elevate each St. 约翰的 student.

St. 约翰的 学生 are renowned for their academic, 运动, and artistic accomplishments, but we’re proudest of their hard work and acts of kindness. Each school day, over 300 full-time faculty and staff motivate them to excel and to serve the greater good selflessly. We aim to shape the next generation of leaders—servant leaders for Houston, 对德州, and for our country.

We appreciate your interest in St. 约翰的. This website serves as a portal, albeit limited, into our community. We hope that you’ll also join us, 在人, on Claremont Lane, where master teachers inspire and curious young people thrive.


丹尼尔·J. Alig
Head of School

St. 约翰的 School

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