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The 临床服务 team at St. 约翰的学校 provides traditional school health services to our student body. 除了, partnering with parents and primary care physicians, additional services are offered such as flu vaccinations and rapid strep testing, to keep students in the classroom and maintain a healthy and productive student body. The 临床服务 team works to improve each student’s health by providing the following:

  • Administration of first aid, treating minor medical problems and identifying community health concerns.
  • Identifying the need for referral to our counselors for 社会 and emotional problems
  • Monitoring communicable disease outbreaks in the community to minimize the impact on our student body.
  • Working with students and their families with chronic health conditions and communicating medical needs or changes to those involved in the care of that student.
  • Health and wellness education that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Enhanced 临床服务

While it is the School’s intention for the first point of contact to be with one’s primary care doctor, these expanded services will provide added convenience for our community as it relates to identifying illness in order to limit time out of the classroom and proactively prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

These services are not intended to replace the care and guidance of a primary care physician, but rather will assist in times of need when an appointment with a primary care doctor is not feasible. The SJS 临床服务 Department is now a licensed lab with the State of Texas to perform limited screenings.

Non-urgent issues that can be taken care of on campus
  • Upper Respiratory infections
  • 喉咙痛
  • 耳朵疼痛
  • 眼睛排水
  • Minor skin infections
  • 头虱

Clia-Waived tests performed on campus include:
  • 快速喉炎的症状
  • 快速流感(A和B)
  • 血糖

受伤 & 疾病

Should your child be ill or injured please communicate this with the 临床服务 team. This helps us track our illnesses and make sure our community stays well along with communicating your child’s needs with other departments should they need accommodations.

健康记录 & 免疫接种

所有的圣. 约翰’s Student’s health records are kept through Magnus. You can update, complete and view your child’s health information by signing onto your 家长门户. Click on the resources tab and then the health portal.

St. 约翰的学校 follows the Texas Department of Health Immunization requirements for Schools K-12. 点击这里 了解更多信息.

Each student is required to have a current physical on file that has been completed within the last 12 months. 点击这里 下载表格.

临床服务 Contacts


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