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当圣. 约翰的学生发现了他们社区的需求, 他们付出了自己最宝贵的东西——时间和精力. 社区服务 opportunities are developmentally appropriate and differ for students in each division. 基于圣. 约翰的学校,该计划鼓励所有成员的圣. 约翰的 family to become aware of societal needs, both within and beyond our school. The goal is to engage them in personal and direct interaction with people and the environment so that they will discover, 分享, 并通过人际交往的经验来提高他们的天赋, 教育, 和反射. 学校的每个部门都由一名教员协调员领导, 在高中, 协调员由一个学生管理委员会加入. As our students develop, each service opportunity becomes increasingly student-driven and directed.


较低的学校 students are engaged in meaningful projects that develop a habit of service and foster an awareness of needs outside the confines of St. 约翰的. 项目计划和协调由教师赞助, 学生会代表, 低年级家长. We strive to plan as many opportunities as possible for our young children to have direct contact with the people we serve. Parents are encouraged to engage their children in selecting items for our various collection drives, 比如圣诞礼物, 医疗用品, 为人道主义协会提供宠物食品, 美术用品, 每周的罐头食品. 通过与学校社区的合作, 新皇冠现金网参观市中心的学校,给他们的学生读书, 为他们计划聚会和活动, 并向受灾家庭捐赠衣物和书籍. Some grade levels visit assisted living centers and entertain residents with musical performances.

Students are educated about various community outreach projects through 教堂 speakers, and new ideas are often suggested by 学生会代表, 教师, 和父母. The willingness to give is evident in the response throughout each year.


在中学, students are encouraged to serve the larger community through school wide, 类级别, 以及基于咨询的服务项目. Believing that "sweat equity" is more valuable to both the individual student and the community, our projects focus on students giving of their time and energy rather than goods or monetary gifts.

School wide service allows all members of the 中学 to participate in a service opportunity. These opportunities include our annual Special Olympics track meet and our grade level Days of Giving. 为了每一个给予的日子, classmates join a project of their choosing including service at a medical supply warehouse, 长者中心, 无家可归者的交流中心, 日托中心, 或者食物银行. Age appropriate service opportunities are offered to each 类级别. 其中包括与“为休斯顿植树”组织一起植树, 在帕尔默车站为无家可归的人包装洗漱用品, and hosting a Halloween carnival for children with cancer in cooperation with Candlelighter’s Family Alliance. 每个咨询的学生, 和他们的顾问一起, plan and implement a project of their choosing at least once a year. The 中学 student will give of their time, heart, and self through our service program.


In 上学校 where students have increasing opportunity to direct their own actions, more than 92% of our students participate in community service projects, 累计超过36,每年的服务时间为1000小时. Projects can be individual, small or large group, whole class or whole school. 它们包括本地和国际项目, some meeting once or twice annually while some projects meet monthly, 每周, 甚至是每天. 典型的大型团体项目包括清理加尔维斯顿海滩, 在休斯顿的年度治愈赛跑中做志愿者©, 绘画和景观美化“极致家居改造”,和中学生一起参加特奥会田径运动会, 在麦当劳之家提供晚餐, 在希望之星举办生日派对, 老年人舞会, 每年去哥斯达黎加农村教英语.

一到两个年度全班专题, facilitated by parent co-chairs are always well subscribed and have included painting and landscaping projects for underprivileged homeowners and 日托中心s, 种植项目, 自行车的建筑, 在无家可归者的信息交换中心工作, 还有很多其他的.

Summer service is encouraged by bringing representatives from not-for-profit organizations to campus in the spring for a 志愿者s Job Fair. About half of our 上学校 students do additional service during the summer by volunteering at camps for disadvantaged individuals, 动物园, 博物馆, 医院, 以及其他非营利组织. A summer school week is held for underprivileged elementary students with 上学校 students as teachers and administrators.

While any 上学校 community service is headed by the student Board of Officers, 任何高年级学生都可以领导一个项目, and significant 领导 training and support is given each individual. 如果需要资金来实施该项目, a student may apply for a 社区服务 Grant from the Grant Fund which is funded by the profits earned from student run, 校园的让步.
因为圣. 新皇冠现金网鼓励但不要求服务, it is truly the hearts and hands of our students that reach out to others. 圣. 约翰的 社区服务 program is to lay the foundation for a lifelong and consistent commitment to 领导 in service.

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